switch to cloud storage

Finding a cloud service is not too difficult. With the competitive market that is available, you can likely find one at every turn. However, prior to making the move to a reputable cloud host company such as server space, be sure you are prepared for cloud storage with the following tips about online data backup.

switch to cloud storage

Number 1: Know the Files that you want to Backup. You need to identify the files that you will need in the future and then synchronize them with the real-time cloud storage feature. Once all of these documents, photos, music, etc. are synchronized, you can continue moving over remaining files if you want. If you do not have unlimited cloud storage, however, this may not be a good idea.

Number 2: Do not utilize Cloud Storage as your Primary Storage Source. Your first and primary storage should always be your hard disk, with the secondary storage being a local backup copy. The purpose of cloud storage should be a backup for your backup.

Number 3: Be sure to Always Sync to the Cloud. Do not be hesitant to over-use the limit of your cloud storage. When you synchronize only documents, photos and music, it will not utilize very much of your storage space. Even if you have an extremely extensive collection of photos or music, in most cases 50 GB is all that you will need. If you have a business, however, these needs are sure to be multiplied substantially.

Number 4: Do not forget to include your Mobile Phone. There is no question that a large number of memorable photos are captured on your mobile phone. This is simply because it is convenient. This means that it is also important to back up your mobile phone data with the cloud, as well. While it may take more bandwidth, you will be thankful is something happens to your mobile device.

Number 5: Be sure to use Encryption. Not all of the cloud storage providers that are out there provide encryption into the data storage packages that are offered. Others will require you to pay extra in order to have this feature enabled. No matter what the requirements are, you should invest with this feature to ensure that you have the necessary privacy for your information.

Number 6: Create a Strong Password. While this may sound like basic Internet security, it is crucial that you safeguard your cloud account with a strong password. This includes a mix of characters, with a common password for many people now being a keyboard pattern. Take time to create a strong password that will also be easy for you to remember. Once you have created a strong password you will want to change it on a regular basis. This way cracking into your cloud is much more difficult. A general rule of thumb is to change the password every three months. Using these tips, you can ensure that your data and files are fully protected and will be available when you need them, even when using the cloud.


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