why my internet is slow

Dealing with slow internet can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are paying for fast internet. Unfortunately, there are many possible reasons for your internet slowdown, which may mean it will take a while to discover the root cause. Here are the top issues that cause slow internet speeds, so you can find the problem and troubleshoot it. Reset Required Try turning it off and on again.

why my internet is slow

Seriously. While it may be a joke in the IT world, turning your equipment off and on again can solve a number of problems. Reset your modem and router, restart your computer or device and see if that makes any difference. Check the speeds you get on different devices – if only one device is running slow, the problem lies within that device. Hardware Issues There are numerous hardware problems that could affect the speed of your internet.

If your computer is old, it may not be fast enough to keep up with faster internet speeds. Your modem or router may not be configured correctly. Think of your equipment as links in a chain – the speeds you receive will be limited to the capabilities of the slowest piece of equipment. Try to rearrange your equipment to single out any equipment that is underperforming. Visit inept to read about their ADSL2 plans today & find out how they can help you.

Spyware or Malware Issues common cause of slow internet is spyware and viruses. Spyware monitors your internet use and keystrokes, which causes a delay and slows your connection speeds. Computer viruses install code in your computer, which then tries to spread itself to other computers, usually via email, which uses up your bandwidth. Try running antivirus software to find and remove these problems. Bandwidth Hogs Bandwidth hogs such as peer-to-peer programs, streaming, video chat and video gaming can cause serious internet slowdowns. Check for programs running in the background, and close down any unnecessary programs. Browser add-ons and plug-ins can also cause slower internet speeds.

Try to manage these to speed up your connection. Wireless Interference Household appliances such as microwaves and cordless phones can cause wireless interference, slowing the speeds you receive. Optimize your wireless signal by placing the router in the middle of the house in an elevated position, and eliminate any obstacles that may block the signal. Thieving NeighboursIt’s possible that your neighbors are stealing your bandwidth. Ensure you have adequate security on your router to protect yourself from this problem. Even if your neighbors aren’t actively stealing your bandwidth, they may cause signal interference if you are both using the same wireless channel.

Find a quiet channel by using a program such as insider from MetaGeek.CongestionThe speeds you receive may be affected by congestion on the network. If you have cable internet or you are using mobile broadband, you may experience slower speeds when more users are using your network. If you are connecting via ADSL, your speeds will be determined by the distance between you and the exchange.ISP Issues if you have checked all of the above, it might be time to call your ISP. Call your service provider to see if there are any network issues, and if there is anything they recommend troubleshooting the problem. It may be the case that you are paying for a slower plan, and you can pay more for a faster plan – or switch to a provider that offers faster speeds.


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