wiimote hack converted

Surface it has not been long enough when the whole world went gaga over Microsoft’s latest technological innovation Microsoft Surface. It has almost taken the world by storm with its announcement of inventing a touch surface which can merge imagination with reality. The basics about the Microsoft Surface application is that you can usher the feel of a real object with touch technology such as Multitouch.

wiimote hack converted

It has just been a couple of months when Microsoft Surface made headlines all over the world with applications for almost everything. A few of them like water applications, a T-Mobile demo application which allows you to see and know the specifications of any phone, video puzzle, applications for restaurants and hotels that lets you order food and drink with a touch table; music (purchasing) application, casino, photo (sharing) and a finger paint program.

But before the euphoria could settle down, “Wilmot Hack Converts TV into Touch less Microsoft Surface” made headlines once again. Now, what is all about? Is it something substantial for the world to take notice of; or is it just a publicity gimmick to take over Microsoft Surface’s footage. Well, time will tell. But for those who are wondering what this ‘touch- less’ and Wilmot connection is all about, let me tell you something about it.

This is basically a user interface project where a Wilmot is used for various multi-touch and multi-point systems. In this case, however, a possible from Wilmot is seen successfully converting a television screen into a touch-less interactive medium as in Microsoft Surface.

The setup, built upon Microsoft’s Windows Presentation System (WPF) uses a pair of IR gloves equipped with infrared emitters on your fingertips to give you a Multitouch experience though from a distance. This interactivity on the part of the Wilmot to regulate functions on the television screen without the touch of the screen or a remote has caught the fascination of the technology freaks.

 It made quite a sensation when people logged in to YouTube to see the video of ‘a television screen being regulated with gloved fingers emitting infrared’ has raised quite a debate. While many viewers seemed fascinated, while most refused to use it. When at times you might seem fascinated to see the Wilmot on top of the display keeping track of these IR LEDs, it is the software which can read the motion of your fingers; just as the two-finger pinching gestures for image zooming.


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