Surface Tablet

The global market of technology is being flooded with various tablets and the tech geeks around the world are talking about the wonderful Surface Tablet from the Microsoft that has already captured millions of hearts around the globe.

Surface Tablet

 As we all know Microsoft is launching the all new Surface Tablet, which will be operating with the latest Operating system edition introduced by Microsoft Company – the Windows 8. The surface is designed to be in a sleek style and is being introduced in two forms such as the Surface Pro and Surface RT. amongst which the Surface RT supports ARM chip operates with the Windows RT version while the Surface Pro is the next version that operates with Windows 8 OS system exclusively.

There have been various speculations regarding the release date of these fantastic tablets. Microsoft always has been working really hard to stay ahead of its other technological competitors in the Tablet markets, and therefore, this could be considered as the reason behind the chosen date for the launch of the gadget.

 It was on October 2012 in a bashing event that was held then. From the day of launch, the Surface Tablet RT was made available in the market immediately and was enjoyed by technological lovers while the sale date of the Surface RT was not revealed until NOW! The release date of the Microsoft Surface Pro is almost revealed to be by the last of January and the inner desire is boosting up for every gadget lovers out there. Let us check on the few technical details of the Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet.

This exotic piece of technology is considered as the cream of the crop and wonderful taste of your life. The price of the tablet starts from $899 and is enriched with the 1080p HD display, an Intel Core i5 processor along with a treat of a complete version of the all new Windows 8 operating system.

The CES will be going on from this week and, therefore, you can expect more announcements from the Microsoft soon regarding the release date of Surface Pro. During this year’s CES program Microsoft would not be considered to participate but still they are expecting a press release with the availability of the Surface Pro.

In the next few days you can easily grab your own Surface Pro Tablet with the official gadget on sale and also, you will enjoy the marvel in the end of January. While referring to this amazing Surface Tablet and the new operating system the Windows 8 version, Gates said, “It’s evolving literally to be a single platform, “This is a big milestone for all Microsoft products, in terms of connecting to cloud services. People will be pretty amazed about the energy Microsoft’s putting behind this new wave of products. We’ve really saved up in terms of knowing that this was such an important set of innovations, whether it’s great new apps or ISV engagement or just plain marketing; this is the big time for us.”


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